The repeal of the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy (DADT)

I am not gay. I don’t care if you are gay.
I do not care if a Marine is gay.

Don’t care. Couldn’t possibly care less. Literally impossible.

I care if a Marine is WEAK.

The only disruption a gay Marine brings to my life is the hours of briefs talking about the implementation of the new policy that are very clearly oriented to the homosexual service member afraid to ask questions. Which is fine. I get that. I know for fact that I have served with gay Marines who were just as bad ass as straight guys and could fight just as well.

This does not mean that Marines will suddenly have pink skivee shirts and cut off utility trousers so high the pockets hang out. It changes nothing to our conduct. What a Marine does with his own time effects me little so long as they eat clean, kill their bodies, study the trade and don’t get arrested. Having a boyfriend vice a girlfriend means nothing to me. Fixing bayonets and repelling the enemy’s assaults matter to me.

The argument is that gay Marines will be incapable of keeping there urge for same sex lovin’ to his or her self. What about hetro Marines? How do they manage to act accordingly? And when they don’t what happens? HAMMERED! Lose money, rank and freedom! Why in the world, then, is this any damn different? It is certainly NOT social acceptance. Americans as a whole are acceptant to homosexuals. More acceptant to homosexuals, in fact, then the actions the military undertakes in the war. Americans like homosexuals more than fighting wars! How could anyone like something more than fighting a war?!?!

The difference lies in a refusal to accept change unique to the military in general. This is compounded when the change is pushed from the outside in. Quadrupled when it involves the Marines. Old Corps blah, blah, blah, blah. We are not people. We are not like you. We take care of ourselves.

The Corps, however, has much bigger problems to worry about than this. Protecting the world, slimming down, winning ANOTHER war for America, killing pirates, liberating the oppressed, re taking embassies, saving those in need, ya know. Stuff like that.
Straight or gay a good Marine is a good Marine, and a weak, sub-standard, baby crap soft Marine is just as useless straight as he is gay.

I will find the weak, separate them from the pack, and either assimilate or eliminate thier weak asses!

P.S. If you have some deep rooted religious based moral objection, citing that gays go to hell, that leaves heaven homosexual free, so quit your bitchin! Me and the queers will be bayonet training in HELL...


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